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TrakTrain 2late4me Guitar Loop Kit

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TrakTrain 2late4me Guitar Loop Kit
In this Guitar Loop Kit, IOF provides 45 heartbreaking multi-layered guitar loops perfect for making Smrtdeath, Ghostmane and Lil Peep type beats.
Deeply emotional, intense guitar riffs are the main theme of this kit. Beautifully processed and expertly played. IOF’s loops are perfect for anyone who loves making beats. Similar to the latest Lil Peep, Smrtdeath or SuicideBoy. Regardless of the artist or genre, these loops will blend seamlessly into any mix you throw them into.

The 2Late4Me sample pack contains 45 live recorded guitar loops. Every single loop is split into multiple layers such as basslines, chord progressions, top melodies and FX, perfect for chopping and processing until you get the sound you want. Inject an intensity like no other guitar loop kit can and bring your emo trap beats to the next level This kit is like no other and the aesthetic and vibe of it brings back old memories of punk and post-rock.

What’s Inside?

45 visceral guitar loops;
Each loop has multiple layers (basslines, riffs, top melodies and reversed guitars);
Lonesome airy melodies to dark punishing tones throughout;
Distorted, clean and trashed guitars are the main focus of the kit.

A Greek producer, IOF has been a regular around Traktrain for some time now. Through years of practising and honing his craft, IOF has become a prominent guitar player in the small knit community of emo trap. His talent shines throughout this sample pack. You can feel the heartbreak in the melodies, the angst in the progressions and the lonesomeness in the deep, harrowing basslines. This kit is the perfect addition to any producers library, providing a strong blueprint for producing top quality beats similar to producers such as Smokeasac and Fish Narc.
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