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Sonic Collective Ambient Lapsteel & Woodwinds

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Sonic Collective Ambient Lapsteel & Woodwinds
This pack was largely created with the lap steel guitar, with saxophone and bass clarinet mixed in for good measure. My goal with this (and all my packs) is to create a dense and contoured universe for you to inhabit and explore, where some loops feature the naked instrument and others feature it completely warped and transformed. Often the organic sounds sit comfortably supported by reverb and delays, which lets their own histories contribute to what their futures will sound like. And now their futures are in your hands, you, internet human, me, human who needs sleep.

Gear used: the lap steel was recorded DI through a Dizengoff D4 tube preamp into a Daking Fet III compressor. Granular synthesis of the lap steel was on the Tasty Chips GR-1 granular synthesizer. Reverb is the Neon Egg Planetarium, delay is an Echoplex EP3. I also used plugins for delay, filtering and reverb sometimes too, and those were typically Valhalla & FabFilter. Tenor sax and bass clarinet were recorded through my pedalboard rig (that I've used live on stage in my solo shows, Sylvan Esso and Wye Oak), where the sound hits an Eventide H9 (for pitch shifting), Strymon Capistan (for delay), EH 45000 4 track looper, Earthquaker Hummingbird (hard tremolo), Chase Bliss Condor (for drive & exciting EQ shifts) and Earthquaker Avalanche Run (reverb & reverse delays), in that order. -Adam Schatz (Landlady)

•52 one shots
•148 loops
467 MB
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