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Production Music Live Full Mastering From Start To Finish In FL Studio

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Production Music Live Full Mastering From Start To Finish In FL Studio
Master Mastering in 4 Steps. Mastering is much more than loudness & checking your song. In this +4 hours long course we guide you thorugh every step of achieving clean, balanced & hard-hitting Masters that will sound great on your phone, club, car and every listening environment. No more Louder = Better scheme.

After This Course:
- You will know every technical corner & theory behind all Mastering concepts
- Best VSTs, Shortcuts and Techniques of PRO Engineers use will be no more foreign to you
- You will learn Untold Principals of Mastering that will boost your producer confidence
- Making your track punchy & hard hitting on all volume levels will be no more a mystery
- You will know Best Acoustics & Speaker Set-up for Mastering
- You will learn Secret Mastering Tricks for bringing your tracks to life

1. Thoery & Concepts
Learn all terms and concepts behind Professional Masters. It's Complete Compedium of every Mastering Engineer. Everything you need in one place.

2. Learn Fundamentals
How does it differ from our other Courses? Simple - here we go in-depth into thoery, Mastering Sepcific techniques & principals. All using Best Available & Stock VST.

3. Advanced Techniques
From cleaning up the low end to jaw dropping chain structures. From in-depth multiband enhancements, to perfectly balanced master. We explain every action we take or don't take.

4. Apply & Repeat
We master together 3 different songs and give tricks to every each indivdually. So you can learn genre specific skills to make great masters, no matter what genre you produce.

+4 hours of lessons
In over 40+ lessons you will learn every detail of professional sounding masters. We explain reasons behind every action you might or shouldn't take. So after, you will be ready to Master your own songs with no doubt and hesitation

Project Files
You will get access to all project files (chains, presets & automations techniques) we use in the course. Dive deep into professionally mastered track, or follow along!

3.03 GB
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