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Monster Sounds Male Lyric Drop Future R&B Vocals

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Monster Sounds Male Lyric Drop Future R&B Vocals
The partner library to Monster Sounds’ acclaimed Female Lyric Drop, Male Lyric Drop – Future R&B Vocals is your new go-to source of mix-ready male vocals for R&B, trap, future soul and beyond. Produced in a top-flight Stateside studio, Male Lyric Drop draws on the formidable talents of six first-call session singers, each bringing their own particular style and delivery to the table.

148 vocal loops are presented in 16 folders, organised by tempo and and singer. Although each folder focuses on a central song idea, the idea is to approach the whole thing as a grab-bag of diverse material for slicing, looping and generally bending to your musical will. From sublime solo performances and harmonies to ensemble pieces, double tracks and variations, there’s endless inspiration to be found, whether you need an ear-grabbing hook for an existing project or creative fuel for a new one.

And when we said ‘mix-ready’ earlier, we really meant it. Every loop and shot has been worked up via a lavish analogue processing chain for a supremely high-gloss finish and an instantly engaging sound. Delay, reverb and other colourful sonic enhancements have been tastefully applied, too, balancing hyper-real styling with effortless usability.
As a bonus, 31 supplementary one-shots provide a variety of shorter phrases, words, shouts and more.

The perfect complement to its female counterpart, Male Lyric Drop is all you need to bring emotive, powerful lyrical styling to your R&B and future soul productions.
In detail, the pack contains 315MB of content, comprising 179 audio files in pristine 24-bit stereo WAV format, at tempos from 65-148bpm.

271 MB
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