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ModeAudio Plasma - Granular Texture Samples

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ModeAudio Plasma - Granular Texture Samples
Like glowing showers of stars scattering across the night sky, engulf your music in colossal clouds of rich, experimental sound design with our latest release, Plasma - Granular Texture Samples!

This mammoth, 1.4GB collection of royalty-free samples is the result of a return to our granular synthesis sound lab, wherein sounds are broken up into shards and fragments, before being reassembled into intricate, infinitesimal webs or epic shoals of iridescent, fraying texture.

Using our very own, custom granulation processing tools and techniques, we've transformed pianos, guitars, synths and orchestral instrumentation into a stunningly diverse conglomeration of 140 audio files, spanning thick clouds of billowing sonic fury right through to delicate threads of ethereal drones and SFX.

Drum and percussion sounds continue the foray into abstract compositional territory, presenting a scintillating sample palette ranging from glistening, metallic soundscapes to raging stampedes of muscular cacophony and beyond.

We've even built our extensive bank of field recordings and noise sound sources into the equation, adding dramatic, shape-shafting dimensions of real-world vibrancy to this expansive set of granulated aural inspiration.

Film and soundtrack composers will find a wealth of creative delights on offer within this carefully crafted selection, with beat-based producers uncovering layer upon layer of atmospheric SFX, exotic soundbeds and innovate, emotive textures upon which to base their rhythmic designs.

Unleash an unstoppable force of dense cosmic power within your productions - download Plasma - Granular Texture Samples now!

Pack Contents

•20 Bass Grain Samples (Synths, Pianos & Guitars)
•18 Elemental Grain Samples (Field Recordings)
•32 Instrumental Grain Samples (Pianos, Guitars, Strings & Winds)
•18 Percussion Grain Samples
•22 Synth Grain Samples
•30 Texture Grain Samples
•140 Drone & Texture Samples
•Ranging in length from 16s - 1m

1.04 GB
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