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Luftrum Omniscient for Zebra 2

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Luftrum Omniscient for Zebra 2
Data streams flow through the airwaves, organized by an advanced logic. The cascade of information is overwhelming, it filters down to the ground below. Systems begin to run autonomously. An intelligence has arrived – and it’s far removed from this system.

Tap into a new consciousness with Omniscient for Zebra 2. A cinematic producers toolkit containing 180 Zebra presets, it provides a data trove of sounds that will effortlessly breathe life into your productions. Created by Sonic Underworld (Stephan Baer) and deftly curated by Luftrum, the tone of the set spans light to dark and everything in between.

With an emphasis on flexible, inspiring, bread and butter sounds, they are elevated above the norm by careful consideration and thoughtful design choices. It surely will become a soundset, you return to time after time.

Contained within are scene-setting textures and atmospheres built with an ear for nuance. Pulsing nanomachine sequences and circuit bent basslines coalesce with data-spliced poly synths and fractured keys. Electron infused percussive loops and android basses infuse the network with advanced grooves. Evolving futuristic pads swell and contract like organic algorithms.

Influences range from Clint Mansell (Ghost in the Shell, Moon), Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow (Annihilation, Ex Machina), Ludwig Göransson (Tenet), and artists in the vein of M83 (Oblivion) and Melodysheep.

Modwheel and velocity are assigned for every patch, and aftertouch is assigned when applicable. In addition, all presets have the X/Y performance controls for expressive and meaningful live variations.

From soaring technological heights to dramatic lows, the Zebra presets are packed with a variety of flavors to satisfy any modern production – the culmination of which feels siphoned straight from the A.I. hive-minds datacore.

Omniscient is fully NKS compatible and requires Zebra2 v2.9.3 or higher. The photo used for the cover art is credited to Yiran Ding on Unsplash. Enjoy the sound demos below and let Omniscient guide you towards the next sonic frontier.

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