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Schaack Audio Technologies QuadraChor v1.0.1

602 0 FX for PC chorus 04 04 2022
Schaack Audio Technologies QuadraChor v1.0.1
Developed in co-operation with renowned Trance DJ & producer Sean Tyas, Quadrachor takes chorusing to a whole new level. Inspired by what's considered as one of hardware's most characterful and powerful Choruses, we bring you a plugin that will undoubtedly be your next go-to Chorus, making even the simplest single sawtooth wave into a sound so big and wide, that you'll wonder if you'll truly need any unison/hypersaw/supersaw oscillator again.


Makes your sound wider, bigger, better
Developed in co-operation with Sean Tyas
Inspired by one of hardware world's favorite Choruses
Seamlessly resizable interface
Low CPU Usage (typically less than 1% on modern systems)
Fully Intel & Apple Silicon hand-optimized code
14 MB
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