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Evolution of Sound Nina Sung Vocal Sample Pack

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Evolution of Sound Nina Sung Vocal Sample Pack
Vocals are a goldmine for producers as they help inspire tracks, and give meaning to your song. Let's face it though finding a vocalist is hard and most of us have never had the chance to work with vocals, let alone vocals from a well known songwriter and vocalist.

Well, now is your chance to aquire vocals from a proven Songwriter and Singer that has worked with artist like Illenium, Kayzo, Joachim Garraud (David Guetta's Ghost Producer), Jerome Ismae, James Egbert and many more.

Nina Sung Vocal pack is that inspiration you have been looking for that will help you overcome your writers block, help fill up your tracks with beautiful vocals, and help take your production skill to another.

How will a vocal PACK help take your productions skills to a new level?

The vocal pack is provided with dry and wet versions so you can take a stab at processing the vocals yourself and learn so that when you do work with a vocalist 1 on 1 you will know what you are doing.

The pack contains 5 projects that will give you the sound of Future Bass, Tropical House, Progressive House, and Downtempo.

In the end you can make this vocal pack fit almost anything ;)


5 Labeled Vocal Kits

100% Royalty Free
-Full Stems in Dry and Wet
- Sylenth1 Soundbank
-Serum Soundbank

Exclusive Tutorials

Episode 1- Advanced Vocal Chops and Lead manipulation
Episode 2 - EDM Vocal Processing
Episode 3 - Vocal Sound Design For FX
Total Runtime: 40 Minutes


Nina Sung is a well known vocalist who has collaborated with Illenium, Kayzo, Joachim Garraud, Jerome Ismae, James Egbert, and many more. Nina Sung attend the prestigious Icon Collective Production school where she honed her skills as a producer.

She currently reached the finals of the International Songwriting Competition beating out 16,000 entries from around the world. Nina has also racked up a total of over 4 Millions plays with her collaborations with Illenium and Kayzo.

Nina is currently working on her own project which shows off her true capabilities as an artist.
WAV, MIDI, Sylenth1, Serum
1.45 GB
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