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Dymai Sound Proclethya v1.0.8

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Dymai Sound Proclethya v1.0.8
Proclethya by Dymai Sound is a software synthesizer with analog characteristics. It is developed with three fundamental principles of analog in mind. DRIFT, NOISE and DISTORTION. The synth features dual oscillators with doubling, FM shaper, analog filters, unison per oscillator, SUB & NOISE oscillator, dual mix mode, powerful arpeggiator, EQ, FX and more…

Oscillator A has five waveforms to choose from (Sine, Saw, Square, Triangle and Noise). Pulsewidth can be set for the Square and Triangle waveforms. Both oscillator A and B have a second doubling oscillator which can be activated by pushing the “2nd” button. The doubling oscillator can be detuned and the output can be forced to mono which gives a slight combing effect, a great effect when creating pads. The “Drift” knob introduces variations in pitch or drift which was inherent in old vintage hardware. Unison with up to 9 voices with control for detune and spread is per oscillator.

Oscillator A is routed into its own global tuning and FM shaper module. Tuning can be set for octave, semitone and finetune independently. The FM button turns on the fm shaper, the FMA setting sets the amount of modulated sound in dry/wet manner. CRS sets the coarse of the FM oscillator, while the FIN can be set for finetuning the modulation. COL sets the shaper oscillator sound color.

The two oscillators are routed into the MIX module which can be operated in two ways. CROSSOVER, where you can morph between oscillator A and B, and MIX method with separate level faders for each osc. You can toggle between two modes by clicking on the MIX label. Clicking on the SUB and NOISE label turns the sub and noise oscillator on or off respectively.

LFO Modulator – Two modulators which can be used to modulate FM Amount, Filter Cutoff, Pitch, and bipolar filter amount (on the second modulator). You can set the Intensity of the modulation, set the speed and tempo sync.

Filter Section with standard parameters like Cutoff, Resonance, Drive, KeyTrack etc. with multiple filter modes (analog, ladder, etc.). Separate module with Highpass & Lowpass filters per oscillator for easier layering. Postfilter Saturation is also available.

FX Section – The FX modules available are Delay, Reverb, Phaser and Chorus. The Delay and Reverb modules have a special knob called “Duck” which, depends on the amount applied, ducks the effected signal when there is input signal detected, thus allowing for creative effect options.
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