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930 0 Video Tutorials 08 04 2022 Mark Maitland - Advanced Mixing & Mastering
After the success of his best-selling launch day course ‘Introduction to Advanced Mixing’, Mark Maitland returns to Mixtank to provide an even more detailed look at his craft with the follow-up masterclass ‘Advanced Mixing & Mastering’. Weighing in at over four hours, Advanced Mixing & Mastering details the complete walkthrough of the mix and master process for the complex, vocal-driven pop/house track In Too Deep’ by Kapera & EMME on Enhanced Recordings.

Covering every step with an in-depth explanation, the accessible style that made Mark’s original course so well-received is at the core of Advanced Mixing & Mastering as Mark prepares the stems and tackles each element of the project’s complicated arrangement. Across 20 chapters, you’ll learn advanced mixing techniques and transferable skills including:

How to identify issues holding your mix back (and how to fix them)
How to shape and balance kick and bass elements to leave you with a tight, pumping mix that works on both the dance floor and streaming platforms
Using sidechain, multiband compression and automation to add transparency and clarity to your mid-range without losing ‘the vibe’
Hitting the sweet spot with vocals using de-essing and Oeksound Soothe2
How to add warmth using a practical application of master compression and saturation
How to find space for all elements including effects and one-shots without losing power
Understand what an effective workflow looks like when mixing both a radio mix and extended edit
How to cultivate a professional client/engineer relationship and benefit from the feedback process to make positive changes


1. Track Walkthrough
2. Approaching The Mix
3. Project Setup
4. Balancing Kick & Bass
5. Investigating The Drums
6. Exploring The Synth Layers
7. Initial Master Saturation & EQ
8. Balancing The Vocals
9. Tightening The Mid-Range
10. Reviewing The Mix So Far
11. Mixing The First Break
12. Placing The Kick In The Mix
13. Balancing The Vocal Effects
14. Adding Clarity In The Mids
15. Creating Space For One-Shots
16. Final Touches On The Break
17. Mixing The Second Break
18. Client Feedback
19. Processing Changes
20. Extended Mix & Conclusion

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