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Looptone Sensual Chill Vocals

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Looptone Sensual Chill Vocals
Dim the lights and drop the tempo with Looptone’s Sensual Chill Vocals, a richly emotive, deeply soulful library of female vocal phrases for your more laid-back productions.

Comprising 194 loops at tempos ranging from 73-126 BPM and in a variety of keys (both referenced in the file names for ease of use), Sensual Chill Vocals is a versatile resource for use across the spectrum of downtempo electronic styles. Many of the phrases comprise full lyrical lines, and are provided in multiple versions, differing in delivery and emphasis, while others cover a broad array of ‘oohs’, ‘aahs’, ‘heys’, runs, and other non-lyrical sounds. And with a clean, consistent production style throughout, building your own vocal combinations and arrangements is easy, either using the loops on audio tracks in your DAW, or slicing and mapping them in a sampler.

Every electronic and dance music producer needs a quality grab bag of vocal elements by their side, and Sensual Chill Vocals provides an endlessly plunderable repository of them for those projects on the more relaxed side of the tracks. Whether you’re looking to craft simple song structures over the top of a beat, work up an engaging focal hook, or just throw in the odd incidental snippet for textural embellishment, this one’s a must-have.

In detail, the pack contains 393 MB of content, comprising 194 audio files in pristine 24-bit stereo WAV format.

283 MB
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