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Luftrum Augmented Reality Soundbank for Synapse Audio Obsession

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Luftrum Augmented Reality Soundbank for Synapse Audio Obsession
Init stood at the edge of the platform. She could see the FedTac officers push their way through the crowd. Her hand flicked the visor down: lines and shapes spread out like impossible geometries, illuminating her path. When the officers finally broke through they were met only with the sound of the rushing tube and the distant din as it passed…

Between reality and the digital domain lies a third space – a composite world spun forth from ones and zeros. Enter Augmented Reality, the new soundbank for Synapse Audio Obsession. Created by sound designer Echo Season and curated by sonic architect Luftrum.

Augmented Reality comprises of 64 handcrafted presets custom tailored for Synthwave, Ambient, Downtempo, and Cinematic but will feel equally at home with a variety of electronic genres.

Inspired by various science fiction and cyberpunk literature, Augmented Reality sits somewhere between retro analog dystopia and forward-thinking digital utopia. This set takes full advantage of the organic qualities imparted by Synapse Audio’s meticulously crafted emulation of the legendary polyphonic analog synthesizer Oberheim OB-Xa from 1980. Synapse Audio Obsession excels at warm analog tones but is equally capable of delicately smooth textures.

Don your headgear and explore lush three dimensional pads, punchy analog bass, quixotic keys, and cinematic synths. Indulge in enigmatic sequences and rolling basslines which provide evocative starting points for your creations. As to be expected, the haptic response is fully realized and you will find assignments per patch for Velocity, Modwheel and Aftertouch (when applicable). All patches have a maximum variance of between -2 to -4 dB at full polyphony.

Plug in your trodes and interface your consciousness with a fresh set of sounds that aim to inspire, ignite and enhance your auditory senses with a creative palette of presets.

Augmented Reality requires Synapse Audio Obsession v1.2. The soundbank is fully NKS compatible and comes with a set of NKS presets, for users of Native Instruments hardware.

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