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Tone Projects Unisum v1.1.3

725 0 FX for PC compressormastering 26 07 2022
Tone Projects Unisum v1.1.3
Unisum is a state-of-the-art mastering compressor based on a novel topology combining impeccable sound with unmatched musical flexibility. Built in collaboration with experienced mastering professionals, Unsium features clean wideband compression driven by flexible multi-band detection, and extensive control over envelope and transfer curve. Whether you want to add glue or groove, shape the dynamic contours, or solve a challenge in the mix, Unisum helps you achieve your goal with precision and integrity.

• Add depth and energy without sacrificing the integrity of the source material
• Control stereo image and add natural width using Mid/Side mode and flexible channel linking
• Add polish and cohesive glue to any mix regardless of style
• Shape Attack and Release curves for perfect grab and movement
• Tailor every part of the compression response for a unique fit with the material
• Solve challenges in a mix with the highest possible precision and fidelity
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