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Mercurial Tones Deep Melodic Samples

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Mercurial Tones Deep Melodic Samples
From deep and smooth sounding drum loops to tight and punchy one shots, Mercurial Deep Melodic Samples has all of the drum sounds you need for creating a hit melodic house / techno track together!

All sounds have been moulded and recorded using an variety of analog and digital
synthesizers and drum machines to provide a unique arsenal to the producers.

The focus on the melodies but don't give up the quality!

Deep melodic sample pack give you the sound of modern productions

▬ 435 sound files are at your disposal in combining power of all Techno & House genres
▬ 12 Construction kits help you kick-start your project immediately.
▬ All samples are specially tailored and processed to make it ready at your disposal
▬ All samples are built from the scratch, resulting in a very unique library of samples.

Tools to next level tracks you will create…

The Sounds You Need
Lead the game by owning state-of-the-art samples.

​Just the right sample
Practice the power of deep but punchy kicks, chunky claps and snares and claps, peak-time hi-hats and exquisite shakers and more.

Industry Leading Sounds
Get inspired by and allow your creativity to run wild. Get instant results from a carefully crafted collection of industry leading sounds.

Mercurial Deep Melodic Samples

435 Royalty FREE samples including

▬ 21 Clap samples
▬ 30 Snare samples
▬ 33 Closed Hihat samples
▬ 35 Open Hihat samples
▬ 24 Shaker samples
▬ 30 Percussion samples
▬ 25 Tom samples
▬ 25 Cymbal samples
▬ 33 FX samples
▬ 133 Loops
▬ 30 Kick samples
▬ 12 Full construction kits with seperate loops
451 MB
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