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F9 Audio KICK! Argon Drums Vol 1

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F9 Audio KICK! Argon Drums Vol 1
100 Modern, Solid Kicks + Expertise

This is a sample pack I've wanted personally for my entire career. A hand-curated collection of modern kick drums that provide instant punch and perfectly controlled subsonic audio that won't swamp your production.

Like all F9 releases - we went above and beyond in the search for the ultimate pack of club-ready bass drums.

Resampling through one of the world's most revered sampling drum machines, Separating the transient and body portions of every kick for endless mix-and-match, adding a whole collection of kick layers and wrapping the whole lot up in our renowned sampler formats.

I'm immensely proud to present F9 KICK! Vol1 - 100 kicks, all created to give you access to the finest foundation for your next production's bass end.

Included in this single-format pack :

100 X 24 Bit Kicks 75 Club Kicks, 25 House Kicks
100 X 16 Bit Kicks ( Names compatible with vintage MPC and other samplers)
100 X MPC3K Kicks All re-sampled with our vintage MPC 3000
Split Kicks - All core kicks have been separated into 'Transient' and 'Body' portions allowing for mix-and matching of sound
Layers - A collection of overlays for your kicks, Multiple forms of ambience and reverbs, digital elements and grunge for additional customisation.
Kontakt 5.8.1 Library **
MPC V2.11 Expansion ( Including the FREE MPC Beats )
Ableton Rack ( live 9.5 onwards, Standard or Suite )
Logic Pro X Library ( based around EXS24 / Logic patches )
Halion Sonic SE Library (Halion SE available FREE from )

100 Core Kicks.

75 Club Kicks start the collection off, every one of them created inside a working musical production - not in isolation like so many sample packs. perfectly balanced transient and ambience layers were added during production.

25 House Kicks then top off this collection - Many sourced from 909 and other analogue sources, or recorded from several of our classic samplers.

We have covered a ton of sonic options here across this pack whilst making sure every kick is useable, punchy and adaptable.

The kicks ( and all main WAV files ) are available normalized and also levelled -6DB from digital full scale,

MPC 3000 Kicks.

All 100 Kicks have been re-sampled into F9 MPC 3000 and kicked back out through its legendary & punchy audio outputs.

Pre-Amped via an API 527 we then added just a hint of presence and heft from a stereo pair of Chandler Lil Devil inductor EQs before adding a tickle of compression with a stereo pair of DBX 160Xs. The conversion from analogue to digital was handled by our Apogee Symphony system.

This folder of kicks will give you a slightly tighter bass end as the natural filtering of the analogue recording stages push the kicks forward whilst the MPC's 16bit converters add the slightest air of crunch.

Split Kicks.

All 100 Kicks have been carefully processed to split the noise ( Transient ) and tonal ( Body ) elements into separate files. As the spectral process was identical for each kick it allows for some almost impossibly-instant mix-and-match experiments.

You can also layer multiple transients against a solid body portion to really hammer home the aurally-vital initial 50ms of your composite kick

The potential here for unique kick tones using these samples is huge - not every combination will work ( that would be misleading to suggest ) but in our investigations, it has never ceased to be fun to experiment with the split samples in this pack.

567 MB
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