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PSE: The Producer's Library Bundle

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PSE: The Producer's Library Bundle
Pro Sound Effects caters to artists, producers, and sound designers looking for sounds that are off the beaten path. Whether it's snares dropping down stairs, kitchen appliances revolting, jungle cats caterwauling, or something else entirely, all samples are hand-selected to meet PSE’s exacting standards for quality and character, so that artists can more easily find their own sound.

Animal Massive

Add ferocious textures and stings to your project with “Animal Massive”. Featuring bellowing growls, haunting groans and monstrous shrieks, these sounds come primed and ready to be unleashed upon your track for that savage, feral edge.

Booming Kicks

Booming Kicks is a collection of punchy and massive One-shot kick drum samples intended for electronic and dance music production. The kicks in this pack range from punchy and synthetic to boomy and textured, and are perfect for dance and experimental tracks alike.

Club Foundations

Bring about the beat-pocalypse with “Club Foundations,” the one-stop cure-all for lackluster tracks. This collection features a wide variety of filthy drum samples that are sure to get the crowd moving, as well as standalone sound effects for added spice.


Crack is a collection of synthetic and textured One-shot snare samples intended for electronic and dance music production. The snares in this pack are designed to stand out in a mix and provide a punchy and unique aesthetic to your tracks.

Creak the Door Slam

Creak the Door Slam is a collection of One-shot percussion-oriented samples derived from the sound of doors slamming shut and moving. The sounds in this pack are great to add a unique and textural timbre underneath conventional sounding snares or other percussion, as well as be used entirely on their own.

Dark Places, Moody Spaces

Dark Places, Moody Spaces is a collection of Looped and One-shot drone and ambient soundscapes intended to add a lush and dense atmosphere to your productions. The sounds in this pack range from tonal to dark and harsh, and are great for sound designers and electronic musicians alike.

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