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Harrison 32C-Channel v1.0.0

470 0 FX for PC channel strip 13 09 2021
Harrison 32C-Channel v1.0.0
The 32C Channel combines 3 of Harrison's most renowned processing elements - the 32C EQ, the 32C filters, and the Mixbus channel compressor - into a single plugin with adjustable signal-flow.

Harrison's new cross-format 32C Channel plugin brings Harrison's True Analog sound to your digital audio workstation in your studio... and will change the way you think about mixing "in the box".

In 1975, Dave Harrison launched the 32Series console. For nearly a decade, the 32Series remained the go-to console for new studio construction around the world.

Predating the modern parametric EQ, the 32Series equalizer had to serve many purposes and remain easy to use. The middle 2 bands use a proportional-Q design: small gain changes provide for gentle classical-style tone controls; but cut a little harder and the filters become sharper, allowing you to hunt down and then notch-out troublesome frequences. The high and low bands are a shelving design with a huge gain range, allowing you to add dramatic punch and shimmer to any source. If you needed more surgical work, however, you could switch the high and low bands to operate as additional proportional-Q 'bell' filters. The effort put into voicing this eq was unmatched at the time, and its signature remains on some of the biggest records ever made.

The 32C Channel Plugin provides a complex emulation of the original Harrison 32C EQ. Every resistor, capacitor, and transistor is included in the model. When combined with the 32C Filter section, a huge range of tonal possibilities are available with just a few knob turns.
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