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Loomer Shift 2 v2.4.1

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Loomer Shift 2 v2.4.1
Shift is a diatonic granular pitch shifting delay that combines an intuitive and beautiful user interface with a great sounding granular synthesis engine. Shift's flexibility allows a palette of timbres ranging from basic echo effects, through intelligent harmonies, to exotic evolving ambient soundscapes.

Granular Delay Voices

Shift has five independent true stereo delay lines, with discrete delay, feedback, pitch shifting, filters, pan, and volume. Pitch shifting comes courtesy of a powerful granular synthesis engine: with a few simple grain parameters, you can create the perfect granular sound, be it for guitar, synth, drums, loops, or anything else.

Diatonic Tracking

A fast and accurate monophonic audio analysis component extracts pitch information, in real-time, for intelligent in-scale pitch shifting and harmonies. Calibrate the tracker to your sound and style using the built-in tuner.

XY Grid Control

Perfect your preset design: use the XY grid to control the seven main delay line parameters in real-time, or to get at-a-glance feedback on the overall preset shape.

Extensive Modulation

A comprehensive modulation matrix allows each delay voice parameter to be independently modulated. Modulation sources come in the form of four tempo-syncable LFOs, each producing five modulation shapes: sawtooth, sinus, triangle, square, or stepped random noise.

Scaleable Interface

Shift's beautiful interface can be resized to ensure crispness and clarity at any screen resolution.


Shift comes with a collection of over 100 presets, from the simple to the exotic, each tagged ready for searching, and annotated with playing suggestions. Listen to a preset in context with 'hot-swap previewing'. Create partial presets to build up a library of delay voices, grain engine, and diatonic tracker settings.
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