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Splice Explores South India

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Splice Explores South India
Field recorders in hand, musicians, producers, and sound artists Krishna Jhaveri and Sanaya Ardeshir (aka Sandunes) spent 30 days traveling through South India to capture the land’s sounds. From South Goa through Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, they drove through farms, plantations, and forests in search of sonic signatures of the remaining wild spaces they could access.

Through this expedition, they stumbled upon a collection of soundscapes bursting with life—mating rituals, alarm calls, and circadian rhythms of a plethora of Indian species in their natural habitats. The result was this inspiring set of audible rhythms, melodies, and textures—all markers of the thriving biodiversity of the region.

Jhaveri and Ardeshir also teamed up with music producer, Parimal Shais who documents and samples traditional South Indian instruments. Shais recorded a variety of traditional horns, drums, percussion, strings, and voice to capture and represent the human element amidst the naturally occurring sounds in this pack. This collection is intended to serve as a way to connect with the nature that is thriving and start a conversation about the environment and hopefully inspire climate action.

•100 one shots
•100 loops
226 MB
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