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Sonuscore Time Textures (KONTAKT)

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Sonuscore Time Textures (KONTAKT)
TIME TEXTURES is a new revolutionary orchestral engine bringing ever-evolving soundscapes to the tip of your fingers. Using advanced algorithmic techniques, orchestral instruments have been given a depth, movement, and beauty that don’t readily exist in the natural world. With a simple modulation design, you can warp and bend 13 instruments into new textures and sonic realities. The power is yours.

- TIME TEXTURES is a revolutionary orchestral instrument based on manipulating quality-recorded orchestral sounds
- TIME TEXTURES uses a simple-yet-complex modulation system that allows intricate, ever-evolving soundscapes at the turn of a knob
- With TIME TEXTURES you can wonderfully enrich a traditional orchestral arrangement and immediately conjure up liveliness and emotion
- TIME TEXTURES is an orchestral instrument tapping into the power of the modern age

TIME TEXTURES is an orchestral instrument that allows sound textures to continually evolve in ways that are impossible for simple, pre-recorded sample loops without a great deal of editing. TIME TEXTURES is the easiest way to further innovate your way of composing.

There are naturalistic orchestral textures that merge with the modwheel and can create a whole new spectrum of sounds by enriching them with orchestral particle sounds.

There are also cinematic presets that expand the orchestral sounds with a wide effects chain to create truly blooming soundscapes.

The over 200 presets are divided between their feel and character. Listen to some of the most inspiring presets in our preset playthrough.


- Revolutionary orchestral engine
- Simple-yet-complex modulation system for intricate and ever-evolving soundscapes
- Fully controllable sonic progression with mod wheel for unique textures
- Uses multiple articulations for each orchestral section
- Over 200 ready-to-go naturalistic & cinematic ensemble presets
- 25 meticulously recorded and sampled instrument patches
- 6.17GB of uncompressed data
5.74 GB
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