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Plugin Alliance Lindell MU-66 v1.0.0

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Plugin Alliance Lindell MU-66 v1.0.0
In the '60s and '70s, artists like the Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Stevie Wonder elevated popular music into art. Analog tube limiters played a pivotal role in transforming those classic songs into monumental recordings. The Lindell Audio MU-66 Tube Compressor captures this era’s holy grail of analog tube limiters. It gives you all the control, character, and smoothness of an iconic piece of hardware, with expanded features for those who want to do even more with its incredible tone.

Timeless color and tube saturation
This precise emulation of the most revered Vari-Mu compressor captures everything that makes the original gear timeless. Its fast attack times ensure tight dynamics control while preserving the punch of transients. The adjustable knee enhances the versatility of the Lindell Audio MU-66, while the tubes and transistors deliver its signature golden tones.

Your new favorite vocal compressor
This Vari-Mu compression is perfect for vocal production, preserving the charm and enhancing the character of vocal transients while adding cohesion and warmth. That’s why you can hear this style of Vari-Mu compression all over the tracks of legendary voices, including Adele and Amy Winehouse.

Analog compression with modern control
Use exact replications of the original parameters on the holy grail of tube compressors or push beyond. The Lindell Audio MU-66 includes various sidechain options, a SMASH switch for heavy compression effects, and a NIVEAU filter that leads to natural-sounding compression.

• Input Gain: Apply tube-driven gain with a rich and smooth tone
• Time Constant: Choose between fast or slow compression
• DC Threshold: Adjust the compressor’s knee to create soft compression or hard limiting effects
• Mid/Side Processing: Process the mids and sides of your audio separately
• Sidechain Control: High-pass the sidechain signal and adjust the low and high-band crossover frequency
• Parallel Mix: Apply slamming parallel compression effects to vocals and drums
• SMASH: Overload your sound to create in-your-face compression effects
• NIVEAU: Compress your low end less than your top end to maintain a natural frequency response
• THD: Apply total harmonic distortion to your mixes
• Channel Link: Link the parameters of both channels for easy operation
• Oversampling: Up to 16x oversampling for improved high-frequency response and reduced aliasing
• Noise: Optional Noise parameter that recreates the original unit’s self-noise
• UI Zoom: Scale the user interface to fit your monitor
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