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Sound Guru The Mangle v1.1.1 x86 x64

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Sound Guru The Mangle v1.1.1 x86 x64
There’s no better way to explore granular soundscapes. Fully automatable in your DAW, multi-timbral, and simple to use with drag-and-drop modulation. Real-time animation of every individual grain, showing you what your sound is doing. Stretch a single note into a rich texture. Make organic effects that fizz and crackle. Shatter a synth sound into a thousand pieces.

The Mangle features

Animated granular display – Visualize your grain stream. Individual grains move across the waveform in real time. Amplitude, pitch and envelope are also represented.
Drag & drop modulation – Creating new modulations is easy – just drag the modulator to its target, then set the amount with in-place markers showing changes.
Resizable vector interface – The Mangle’s interface is rendered dynamically as vectors – resize it with no loss in quality. Handy for live performance.
Dual sequencers – The Mangle is also great for making rhythmic patterns. A pair of sequencers can be used to modulate any parameter.
Multiband waveform display – Quickly and easily see where high, mid and low frequencies are in your audio, for clearer sound setup and tweaking.
Multi-timbral – Each instance of the plugin has 8 full ‘slots’ each with their own audio & parameters. Map them to any MIDI range for multi-timbral patches.
The Mangle is currently available for Mac only (VST/AU), for the discounted beta price of £19.99 GBP. A Windows version is coming soon.
188 Mb
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