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VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.0.17011 x86 x64

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VSL Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.0.17011 x86 x64
Vienna Ensemble Pro has become the definitive cross-platform network solution in studios and production facilities around the world.

This mixing and hosting application enables you to set up a multiple computer network with both Macs and PCs without the need for extra MIDI and audio interfaces – all you need is a simple Ethernet cable!

Even when you’re using only one computer, Vienna Ensemble Pro improves your work-flow dramatically, with unique functions such as “Preserve” that keeps all your plug-ins and samples loaded while switching from one project to another – a huge time saver!

Changes in Vienna Ensemble Pro 6

- Retina (HiDPI) graphics support on both Mac and PCs.
- Tabbed instances – Improved organization with one common window for all instances, with detachable instances, re-ordering of instances, and tab-coloring for better identification.
- Frozen/Disabled channels allow unloading all plug-ins (including their allocated memory) from a selected channel, while keeping data intact.
- Intelligent auto-save functionality – Auto-saves project in desired intervals, but only when transport is stopped, so it doesn’t interrupt a playing session. Easily recover projects in the event of a crash..
- VCA folders let you organize your channels conveniently with folders and subfolders that are easy to color-code.
- VST hosting on the Mac, allowing for full compatibility with Windows.
- Channel grouping allows assigning channels to a group, with option to link selected parameters to the entire group.
- “Raise Instance” is now a Vienna Ensemble Pro plug-in parameter to enable automation/hardware controller assignment for quick instance access.
- “Auto Raise Instance” option raises the connected Vienna Ensemble Pro instance automatically when you show the Vienna Ensemble Pro plug-in.
- New code base for about 70% less CPU usage for all internal Vienna Ensemble Pro calculations.
- Rewritten user interface code resulting in 80% less CPU usage for graphics.
- Improved multi-threading performance for increased plug-in hosting capacity.
- Redesigned, resizable plug-in window and Audio/Event Input Plug-in.
- Faster connection/disconnection times when switching between projects.
- Unified channel model – No more need to create different channels for Vienna Instruments or 3rd party plug-ins. Every channel now has the capability to be a bus, - audio input, plug-in channel, Vienna Instruments, Vienna Instruments Pro or Vienna Imperial channel. Drag & drop plug-ins to any channel..
- In combination with Vienna MIR Pro: Impulse response files loading up to 5 times faster, improved graphical performance (especially under OS X)..
- Mixer Interface Customization allows turning on or off sections in the mixer to suit your needs.
- Transmission of all keys to host – Shortcuts not in use by Vienna Ensemble Pro will be transferred to a connected DAW.
- Miniature view – Channel strips can now be further collapsed.
- Faster plug-in scanning.
- Many more usability improvements throughout the application.
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