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Noiiz Player v1.12 x86 x64

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Noiiz Player v1.12 x86 x64
The Noiiz Player is a sampler instrument plugin from Noiiz. Access a world of instruments at your fingertips, shape sounds to your liking and make music.

Developed by Noiiz for speed, reliability and pristine sound, the Noiiz Player is a beautifully simple and lightweight plugin that lets you work quickly and efficiently and focus on the things that matter most.

Instruments for Noiiz Player

'Philicorda' is a faithful reincarnation of the classic 60's electric organ, re-born and available to drop right into the Noiiz Player. The sound of this virtual instrument is truly unique and can go for deep and warm to bright, harmonically rich tones. Add filter resonance, drive and experiment with different envelope settings and you have yourself a flexible synthesiser at your fingertips.

Steel pans is an extensive collection of beautiful Steel Pan instruments. Sampled from a full set of 55 gallon oil drums built by Bertrand Parris of Parris Pans and played by the Glissando Steel Orchestra, this instrument sounds really incredible and will be an essential addition to your collection.

Sometimes, we take things a bit too seriously. Its true, we all grow up a bit too fast, which is why we created Toy Percussion! Bursting with lively, amusing and slightly unsteady sounds including the adorable Toy Piano, clunky Toy Bells, a heart-warming Xylophone, a plinky-plonky music box and outrageously fun 'Boom Whackers'. Don’t forget to tidy up!

Celesta is a unique, beautiful and delicate instrument, faithfully captured with exquisite attention to detail and ready to add intrigue and depth to your music. Originating from the French word for ‘heavenly’, it consists of metal chimes that produce an ethereal, shimmering sound.

This instrument is a stunning and faithfully accurate reincarnation of a beautiful Grand Marimba, ready to play at your fingertips. Expertly recorded with forensic attention to detail, you'll find exceptionally clean tones that are gentle and pleasing, with delicate transients that permeate playfully through your mix.

'Handpan' is a beautifully crafted instrument for the Noiiz Player built from perfectly captured recordings from an extensive collection of Hang instruments. Ethereal resonant tones and playful harmonics make for hypnotising melodic rhythm sections and playful arpeggiations.

'Singing Bells' is a beautiful set of aluminium bells recorded with both hard and soft mallets. Both presets provide a unique sound, similar to a church bell or Tibetan bowl. Create eerie and mythical melodies, or try adding the reverb and delay effects to help craft enchanting landscapes.

Guitar Harmonics is a stunning collection of instruments combining different playing techniques, various guitar models and creative FX chains. Performed and recorded in pristine quality by Russ Flynn, these sounds are sure to take your productions to new heights.

Mbira is a unique collection of thumb pianos made up of 5 presets all ready to drop into the Noiiz Player. An instrument of African origin, the Mbira consists of a wooden board with attached metal tines. Played with thumbs, this provides a bright and pure metallic tone.
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Noiiz Player v1.12

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