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Cymatics Vortex for Xfer Serum

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Cymatics Vortex for Xfer Serum
There are few genres that display constant innovation and flawless execution in sound design. Drum and Bass is one of them. There are so many tracks in this genre by artists like Noisia and Mefjus that have left our entire team absolutely speechless and unbelievably inspired. Our production team will hear these songs and immediately jump into the studio to experiment and recreate sounds.

We know the sound design in this genre is challenging and can be quite intimidating for many producers – regardless of skill level.

So we got our most experienced sound designers and went to work to create our first ever Drum and Bass preset pack:

Vortex for Xfer Serum.

Our goal with this pack was to help you take your sound design to the highest level possible.

Every preset can be studied and reverse engineered to help you understand the intricacies and complex design techniques that go into the Drum and Bass genre.

Not to mention, the sounds themselves are absolutely huge and reflect the years of experience our production team has under their belt.

Eliminate all feelings of intimidation and arm yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to create epic Drum and Bass bangers!

Download Vortex for Xfer Serum now.

Included in this pack:
30 Serum Presets Format: .FXP
24 MB
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