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112dB Jaws v1.0.1 x86 x64

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112dB Jaws v1.0.1 x86 x64
Jaws is what we coined a ‘dynamic bitcrusher’. It has everything you would expect from a high-quality bitcrusher: bit reduction, sample rate reduction, a pre-amp, an input and output filter, and more. But it also features a host of modulation options. You can modulate the bit depth, the sample rate, as well as the mix. On top of that Jaws also has a resonant multi filter that you can modulate as well.

That means you can use Jaws in the usual way: to add a little of the charm of the samplers from the 80s by reducing the bit depth or the sample rate. An input and output filter, a vintage colored pre-amp and u-law noise reduction make it possible to approximate this old school sound more closely. Or use Jaws to destroy your sound completely if you are more into ‘industrial’.

But what Jaws is really about is that you can use all those effects in a creative, fluid way. With the Envelope Follower you can add more crunch to the loud parts of your track (or the softer parts). The LFO makes it possible to create all kinds of weird oscillating effects. If you use this subtly you can add some ‘jitter’ to the sound. On extreme settings you can really go through the roof, and alter the sound beyond recognition.

the basics: bit reduction & sample rate reduction
a multimode filter that can be applied pre or post
all parts of the bitcrusher can be modulated: bit depth, sample rate, multi filter, mix
modulatable with LFO, Envelope Follower, or a mix of both
a simulated preamp that adds vintage coloration to the sound
an adjustable input and output filter to remove more or less aliasing according to your wishes, or to which device you want to simulate.
la modifiable bias, which enables you to slide between two different quantization methods
a dither function for adjustable noise masking
u-law algorithm (used in many 8-bit samplers for noise reduction, and still used in modern telecommunications)
'Knight Rider'-display for easy visual feedback on what's happening with the modulation
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