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Exponential Audio Symphony v3.0.0 x64

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Exponential Audio Symphony v3.0.0 x64
Our lush, colorful reverb engine gets a multichannel upgrade in Symphony. Offering support for up to 7.1 surround, Symphony delivers a rich, character-filled reverb tone for any music or post production project. With channel-specific Balance controls and an expanded Warp section with Compression and Overdrive modules, Symphony takes the creative power of R2 Surround and R4 and pushes it even further.

Distinct, sprawling multichannel reflections

Symphony represents the pinnacle of Exponential Audio reverb processing. This character reverb engine is the complete solution for crafting distinct, captivating spatial effects for multichannel music or post projects. With independent parameter modules for the Attack, Early Reflections and Tail of your reverb signal, plus channel-specific Balance controls and creative modulation and dynamics effects, Symphony lets you get the absolute most out of your mix’s reverb.
Try Symphony and hear for yourself!

Key Features

Lush surround reverb algorithm for up to 7.1 channels

Freeze, Chorus and Gate modules for creative effects
Channel-specific control over reverb gain and delay

Advanced control of reverb tail and early reflections

Over 1,700 presets (rooms, plates, halls, chambers, and more)
63 MB
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