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Softube Drawmer S73 and Drawmer 1973 v2.5.9 x64

8445 2 FX for PC Multiband Dynamicsmasteringcompressor 04 01 2021
Softube Drawmer S73 and Drawmer 1973 v2.5.9 x64
Multi-band compression is vital to get right. It’s no mean feat to divide tracks into multiple frequencies and control their gain reduction individually with exactly the right balance—not enough, and things go out of control; too much, and you’ve got pumping hell on your hands (and ears).

Fortunately for its users, the new Drawmer S73 Intelligent Mastering Processor plug-in takes the pain out of the process, putting straightforward power at anyone’s fingertips to achieve the precision and balance of a professional sound engineer.

More control, more versatility, more definition—the Drawmer 1973 plug-in lets you micro-manage the dynamics of your sound with ultimate precision. And you can do it with the unmistakable analog feel of a modern Drawmer classic.

Make your mixes wider and louder, shoehorn a piano into a dense mix, or curb the temper of an unruly bass guitar. The Drawmer 1973 Multi-Band Compressor lets you dive into the details—analog-style.
59 MB
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