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Origin Sound Mellow Beats

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Origin Sound Mellow Beats
Back at it with a fresh Lo-Fi library, we present to you ‘Mellow Beats’, filled with melancholic melodies and authentic lo-fi processing for your vintage beats.. A perfect companion for locking yourself away and losing yourself in your DAW.

Start your moody session with one of the Mellow Beats musical elements, whether that be a songstarter, vinyl cut, or individual chord, melodic, or bass loop. There is plenty on offer to spark your creativity. You can find dreamy vocal chops, dusty guitar licks, jazzy rhodes keys, warm basslines, and much more. Mellow Beats is all about ensuring an efficient creative process, with all the loops on offer being labelled in a fashion that allows quick and smooth interchangeability, leaving you to focus on creating the best Lo-Fi beats in the game.

The drum loops are a perfect backbone for Lo-Fi Hip Hop, with many creative rhythmical variations, giving your track character and flare. Choose from the many pre-made loops to get a vibe going right off the bat, or alternatively jump into the individual drum hits if you like to get into the nitty gritty of processing your own unique grooves. All the drum hits are astutely processed to create an authentic sonic palette that is perfectly fitting for the Lo-Fi style.

The SFX add an invaluable level of detail to your beats, whether it be a vocal to provide identity, or a field recording of rainfall to create an authentic sense of space and environment to the track. These details are vital in elevating your productions to the next level.

Mellow Beats is an essential library for any Lo-Fi Hip Hop producer looking to add a vintage sonic imprint to their tracks. Origin Sound utilises high end hardware processing to ensure an authentic aesthetic is achieved.

600 MB
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