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Origin Sound Late Night Vibe

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Origin Sound Late Night Vibe
Late Night Vibe uniquely fuses the feel and emotion of the musicality of RNB with production aesthetic and groove of Trap, providing beat makers with a refreshing library to source creative inspiration from.

The bedrock of Late Night Vibe is the exquisite music folder, with countless song starters and individual musical layers, perfect for crafting your song around. The musical elements are a balance of acoustic, organic and synth sounds driven with shining production qualities. You can find glistening flute melodies, ethereal roomy pads, arpeggiated piano chord progressions, moody yet toneful electric bass’, and much more. The music loops folder will provide an endless source of inspiration for any producer out there searching for an emotive yet sonically rich element to kick off their track.

Whilst the musical elements will provide your track with the emotion and narrative, the drums will give the essential groove and flow. With more Trap driven drums than other RNB packs, this combination leads to a unique and stimulating style of production, with the drums cutting through harder in the mix to support the more driven 808 basslines. The tempo ranges from 117 right up 171bpm, giving an expansive range of grooves providing you opportunity to marry the perfect beat to your musical elements. Not to forget the numerous drum hits that are ready to be thrown into a sequencer or sampler for you to jam out on.

The supporting elements in Late Night Vibe are a versatile tool to elevate your track, from a selection of harmonically coated 808 hits to fill the low end, through to SFX to be used to fill out the arrangement and adding character.

Late Night Vibe is a perfect addition for any Trap & RNB producer looking to develop and mature not only their productions but their songwriting as well.
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