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8Dio Studio Vocals Roula (KONTAKT)

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8Dio Studio Vocals Roula (KONTAKT)
8Dio Studio Vocal Series: Roula is the latest in our esteemed solo vocal series featuring the unique voice of Roula Tsernou. The library features authentic Eastern-Balkans-Greek Style Vocals, the deep sampled library captures her essence as a artist with unique new syllables, legatos, phrases and sustains. We recorded a range of one and two syllable short note articulations giving you a huge range of variations to build complex word-like formations. We also prepared a special patch for those who need legato articulations; it includes 7 different real-legato combinations which can be mixed for maximum versatility. They can also be combined like the short notes to achieve real word-like combinations that also utilise real legato.

If you want to add even more realism to your scores with this library, we have recorded over 700 Phrases that can easily be added and mixed with the rest of the library. As Roula uses a lot of Minor seconds or modal Eastern-like scales we grouped the phrases by whether they contained a minor or major third. Additionally there are unique phrases at different tempos and root notes such as 120BPM, 100BPM, 80BPM, D, C, G or A.

Finally those looking for a more classic approach we have recorded more standard sustain articulations, for example AH. As well as more complex sustains with more a flair, for example a sustain with a mordent.

Infinitely Versatile
Studio Vocal Series: Roula contains a huge range of unique variations of Greek sounding syllables and vocals including (To, KA, Ti, Sto, Is, Me, Ro, Po, Ef, XE, Tha, Mos, and two syllables including Tha-So, Di-A, Fo-Vos, Di-Mos, Ka-Sios, Ga-la) allowing you to mix almost infinite combinations to create authentic and real sounding vocal melodies.

True Legato and Sustains
Studio Vocal Series: Roula contains a range of True Legato and sustains variants allowing you to switch and choose the best variant for your vocal passage. As well as the two types of free legato patch we have included special variants such as mordents and turns. Similarly, the Sustain patches have been recorded with more straightforward patches as well as more complex options, for example, inverted turn or Minor third Ascending.

Our sustains also come with an entirely new sample set that makes Roula completely her own traditional sustains have been recorded if you are looking for more of a classic approach Additionally we have a more complex sustains with ornaments such as (Upper/Lower Mordent (Half/Whole Tone), Whole Tone Up With Ornament, Inverted Turn, Minor Third Ascending/Descending, (Ah/Huh) with a Double Turn Ah/Huh to the Fifth and Back, Ah-E with a Bend Up both slow and fast as well as (EH-E) Bends up fast.

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