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Mode Audio Friction - Cinematic Drones & Textures

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Mode Audio Friction - Cinematic Drones & Textures
Open your eyes as the snowstorm rages all around you, sweeping columns of billowing noise and texture swirling across the frosty landscape as mountainous rhythms erupt from the quaking earth beneath your feet - enter the fray with our latest gargantuan sample selection, Friction - Cinematic Drones & Textures!

Presenting your next DAW session with 2GB of royalty-free, soundtrack-ready audio, pore over the oceans of shifting Ambient drones, airy synth textures, cavernous bass and thundering pulses included and discover an entire world of Cinematic sound waiting to be unleashed within your music.

Harnessing the combined forces of cutting-edge synthesis, instrumental sources and modern processing, this sumptuous collection of 201 lovingly-crafted sonic diamonds puts an entire film festival of emotion at your fingertips, from towering ambition and interstellar adventure to wintery meditation, icy solitude and more.

Accompanying all the ethereal, evolving drone and texture work is a folder of 35 percussive samples combining melody and rhythm in that uniquely cinematic tradition, thumping beneath the hazy soundscapes above in scattering conglomerations of shimmering synth notes and drum hits.

With samples ranging in length from 4s all the way up to a mammoth 2m 51s, the pack contains continents of space for each sound to subtly shape-shift and evolve throughout.

Transport your sound through a stunning array of sonic scenes, from the gravelly earth to the sun-soaked clouds and beyond - download Friction - Cinematic Drones & Textures and start your journey today!

Pack Contents

•55 Atmosphere Samples
•43 Bass Samples
•35 Rhythm Samples (70 - 120 Bpm)
•33 SFX Samples
•35 Texture Samples
•201 Ambient Samples
•Samples range from 4s - 2m 51s in length

1.3 GB
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