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Traktrain Styrofoam Pool Guitar Kit by OG String

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Traktrain Styrofoam Pool Guitar Kit by OG String
OG String presents his first Guitar Kit on the Traktrain Store – “Styrofoam Pool”. It contains 86 original guitar loops, with dry and wet versions available for each of them. Certainly, the kit was created with Emo Rap in mind, inspired by records of such artists as Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, and tracks produced by greaf. However, with the right processing, you can definitely fit the included loops into any Hip-Hop, RnB, Lo-Fi, and Trap context.

The loops that go by the same name are based on the same chord progression, so you can use them together without any hassle. Additionally, the samples include both the dry signal from the recorded electric guitar and the refined variation that sounds as envisioned by the author. So you have the option to use the version of a loop processed with distortion, reverb, delay, and other effects. But if you don’t particularly dig the tone, you can always use a clean version of a loop, and run it through any plugin you like.

What’s inside?

86 unique loops;
Clean and processed versions – 172 files in total;
Mono- and polyphonic guitar parts;
Matching loops grouped by title;
BPM and key specified for each track.
453 MB
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