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Big EDM Synthwave and Retro Dream

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Big EDM Synthwave and Retro Dream
Time to dust off the old analog synthesizers and drum machines. Get into a futuristic DeLorean, throw a tape in the deck and cruise the city all night. What better way to make a nostalgic 80's soundtrack than with Big EDM's Synthwave & Retro Dream.

You don't have to be a product of the '80s to get on board revisiting one of the most influential genres in electronic music. Big EDM has included 5 construction kits that will let you mix and match audio samples and loops to develop your own tracks that will take your audience Back to the Future.

In addition to the sounds in the Construction Kits, we have also included plenty of amazing, vintage-inspired sounds that defined an era. Dreamy leads and pads, 8th note bass lines, tight kick drums, gated reverb snares, arpeggiated future synths, emotive chord progressions, and new wave/synth pop style vocals.

Drenched in 80's signature chorus, layer upon layer of wide chugging bass lines, exploratory spacey leads, a kick with boombox style punch and tight snare pop are all you need to live the all night, neon light, Synthwave dream. Our modern approach will infuse your tracks with a vivid and dynamic rhythm that will give you an edge above the rest.

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