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Standalone-Music - Guitar Essentials Vol. 1

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Standalone-Music - Guitar Essentials Vol. 1
Guitars are some of the best real instrument that you can incorporate in modern productions, whether it’s Dance music, House, EDM, Pop, Trap or Hip-Hop, the sound of a guitar always finds its way to cut through the mix and add character to the music, where most instruments can only serve either as support or lead elements, guitars can be soft and mellow or mean and edgy.

Guitars add so much energy to your music as well as give warmth and soul, and if all of this wasn’t enough, they are great to fill up the spectrum and make your track sounds fuller.

The problem is unless you are a guitar player yourself, you have to spend a fair amount of money to find a player to record things for you, not to mention scheduling a day and time that works for both of you, set up the recording, and all of this can be a turn-off.

We, as producers, have faced this problem ourselves a thousand times. This is why we came out with Guitar Essential, a massive project that we worked on for over a year.

This pack comes jam-packed with 4 bar loops of single strummed chords in major and minor key that you can combine to create your chord progression.
Think about it, no matter how many tracks you have and how many you’ll have in the future, with this pack you will always be able to build the right guitar chord progression, just pick the ones you need and sequence them accordingly to the chord progression you need, it’s like having a guitar

player ready to play the chord progression you need 24/7.
Included in the pack are also single strum of every chord in major and minor, power chords both played in a 4 bar loop as well as single strum, and last but not least, bass notes played in a 4 bar loop.

All these guitar loops have been played by top touring guitar players using some of the most famous guitars models to ensure the best quality and the most familiar sound, and to make sure you always have the right sound for the track you are working on the fastest way possible, every single chord, power chord, bass loop, and single strum is derived as both clean (for you to process however you like), distorted with an edgy amp sound and distorted with a heavy metal type distortion.

There is one last thing, actually 3.
What if you are uninspired and don’t have a song that needs a guitar in the first place?
Well, we got you covered, included in Guitar Essentials there are 3 expansions:
Smokey, Future Pop, and House Funk, all of which are packed with ROYALTY-FREE guitar chord progressions and guitar melodies designed to get your inspiration going so you can make music right away, no matter what genre you are into.
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